ARTISTS / STACY.O x Caemilion

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STACY.O - also known as half of the band Hyper Opal - is a French-Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist producer and DJ based in Berlin.

For his new project, he collaborates with Caemilion, a Berlin-based performer and vocalist. From electronica to techno, this duo draws its inspiration from their different horizons. Great meeting between the Electro / broken beat from STACY.O and Caemilion’s deep and hypnotising voice influenced by the Dark wave. The lyrics and the improvised poems of Caemilion can remind reminiscent of Agar Agar or Boy Harsher.

The subtlety of their performance takes you by the hand with slow and percussive sounds, to end on techno and Jungle. An experience between dance and introspection.