Switzerland is well-known to have one of the densest cultural-musical landscape worldwide, especially concerning the festivals. This has obviously nothing to do with chance. Musical productions abound in the country and a crowd of small labels seek to highlight extremely talented artists. This musical density allows ecosystems to develop: the different stakeholders helping one another to carry out their projects. La Chaux-de-Fonds is particularly known to host this artistic fever allowing numerous artists to gravitate around in order to find the most creative solutions.

This particularly fertile environment saw the creation of the record label Blizzard Audio Club.

Founded by 3 friends gathered around a common passion for music, the label aims to produce more or less local artists evolving in different styles, from Indie to techno through electronica and breakbeat.


The 3 founders are from significantly different backgrounds: not necessarily synonym of musical production. And yet it is what makes the label so rich: each one of them brings his expertise, different points of view allowing innovative solutions to arise.

Responsive imageEtienne being an artist himself – better known as Pavel – is in charge of the artistic & musical aspects and makes the label benefit from his experiences in this industry.

Responsive imageNestor meanwhile fell in love with the Hotel management as a child, which allows him to manage the events, public relations and financial aspects.

Responsive imageNicolas – techno-handyman from his earliest age – has always had a passion for the informatics and leads the technical parts of the project.