RELEASES / numeral - Primeval [BAC012]

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Release date : 2022-06-03

"Primeval" represents an attempt to open up new perspectives and thus new possibilities for action in the face of an increasingly rapidly changing environment, through a cognitive journey towards the idea of an original age of the earth. This journey is intended to trigger various moods and images, characterized by fictional ideas of a primitive nature with lush vegetation and bizarre life forms. In the midst of this environment, which seems foreign and sometimes even hostile, man is at first in the position of an external observer. Gradually, however, he understands his belonging and his integration in the global system of the earth and begins to adapt his way of thinking and acting. The emphasis shifts from exploiting natural resources for one's own needs towards respecting the ecosystem and one's community of organisms and the inanimate environment. In the spirit of convivialist ideas, there is a need to correct the image of humanity shaped by Western consumer capitalism and to reorient it towards cooperation rather than competition. Individual pride must be overcome in order to create a society that conveys inclusive values rather than unilaterally rewarding self-interest.