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Since his childhood, Philippe Adam has been infatuated with everything that sounds and grooves and today, he works as a drummer, producer and teacher. Productions and live tours with “The Lugubrious”, "Nówfrago", "Traktorkestar" and "Tonhaufen Deluxe" – among others – have shaped the last few years of the trained drummer (HKB Bern/Music Academy Basel).

In october 2020, Philippe Adam was offered a place in the master’s program “Sound Studies and Sonic Arts” at the Berlin University of Arts. The year of training and deepening in the field of "sound art" allowed a change of perspective, which gradually affected the previous artistic practice as an instrumentalist.

In fall 2020, he generated initial interest with the release of his first solo EP "numeral". Winning the Electron Festival Geneva 2020 track competition was a first highlight. With the release of the single "Landing" in the spring of 2021, the buzz continued in the form of radio play, a steadily increasing number of streams and concert requests. Awarded with the "Förderpreis Musik des Kantons Solothurn 2020" and with various productions and releases on the agenda for 2022, Philippe Adam continues to explore the possibilities in the interaction between instrumental practice, electronic music production and live performance with a particular interest in the perception of sound and its aestheticization.