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Fels – Alexis Rüeger for his real name – is one of the two faces of E&A Rüeger, electronic music duo, completed by his twin brother Éric and based in Fribourg, Switzerland. Initiated in 2016, the project firstly orients itself on live performance, helped by synthesizers and machines. The duo progressively takes the path to the studios from 2018. This is the time when Alexis takes a deep interest into the synthesizers and drum machines. Simultaneously, he co-founds the independent label strecke records, which offers him the opportunity to invest himself in the promotion of emerging artists through releases and make contacts in the cultural field.

After regular apparitions in concert venues and swiss clubs, such as Fri-Son (FR, CH), la Case à Chocs (NE, CH) or the Gasskessel in Bern (BE, CH) with his duo, he decided to forge a solo alias, under the blaze of Fels. Alexis Rüeger then goes on with his double artistic life, intrinsically linked with one another. It is with his duo E&A Rüeger that he made his first steps, releasing several Eps, and later a first album “Esquisses” on the label Blizzard Audio Club. After living all these experiences in duo, the twins feel the need to develop their own visions by exploring very different universes. Alexis orients himself into very mineral sounds, echoing his studies as a geologist, a very subtle wink leading to something very brutal and delicate at the same time. UK influences guide Fels’ path, and that can be felt in his music, tainted with worrying pads and broken garage rhythms.