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Although Chozo's beginnings date back to 2012 with the creation of a few demos, it's only since 2018 that the band has found its identity and started to really step outside the walls of its local space to share its music on stage. Between 2018 and 2021 the band released three EPs entirely produced, recorded, and mixed in-house. Although this period was, as for everyone else, shaken by the health crisis, Chozo were able to perform on different occasions, create links with other artists, illustrators, videographers, and, with their help, give a visual identity to the group's universe. From these synergies also comes the contact with Blizzard Audio Club; music label with which the group begins to collaborate to produce a first album planned for 2023.

The great majority of Chozo's compositions are the fruit of a real group work, where each of the three members brings several stones to the building in order to propose a music which is born from the friendship and the tastes what the three musicians share. It is important to them to play personal songs that are emotionally charged. The texts often keep something elusive. Their music, which could be described as electro rock, comes from a desire to always explore new sounds and experiment. The optics is the same for all that gravitates around the project, to meet people, to share ideas, to create links in order to enrich it and to make it progress.