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Antonello Teora is born in 1996. He is a versatile, always-surprising DJ and producer from Italy. Born in the in the wildest zone of the Southern Italy, he is currently living in Milan following his voracious hunger for art on a sonic and visual level, after spending three years in Berlin, where he began to be part of the local club scene running parties at About Blank on creative direction duties.

Antonello Teora with his own variegated, wavy and bass oriented style forces to put the attention on the sonic landscape he carries on in making tracks and behind the decks with an ever-evolving vision, but always staying himself. He surely ends up creating a deep connection with the audience.

In his DJ sets he tries to create the right ambience to shine a light on the unconscious emotions with electronic soundscapes combined with fresh and percussive grooves. Antonello Teora would describe his DJ-sets as an inner trip varying from techno, ambient and cutting-edge sounds.



Antonello Teora