RELEASES / Antonello Teora - The Way of Union and Being [BAC006]

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The Way of Union and Being
Antonello Teora
Release date : 2021-02-12

“The Way of Union and Being” is born from the sometimes-unavoidable necessity of reinterpreting the perception of the spaces around us and the outside world in general, in order to have a truer and clearer vision of the inner spaces and the innerself.

This 9-track journey finds its roots deliberately between Gloria Anzaldùa's idea of repetitious act and the philosophical scriptures of Musashi Myamoto. His idea about the open-minded vision and the centrality of the mind built the concept of the LP. Every human being has to keep firmly in order to have an always clear and objective perception of life.

Antonello Teora emulated the same ideas in his experiences within the clubs, mostly during his recent past years between Berlin and Italy. His radical change of perspective consisted in living the club as a space for self-expression and communion. It helps to reach the highest point in the introspection, using the same space as a stimulus to self-analysis and the ongoing search of oneself.