RELEASES / Chozo - Synesthesia [BAC015]

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Release date : 2023-05-26

How to combine simplicity and complexity? This is a question that is partially answered by Chozo's album. A lunar 10-title, which takes little but gives much. All the elements are in their place; the double bass rocks the space lyrical flights, the synths clash with a so particular softness to the rhythms of the drum machine. Softness, but also dynamism, in particular with "Zen Then", a track cut with a knife which offers a muscular perspective to Chozo and proves to be an efficiency drawn to four pins. Or with "How Long To Wait Before The Storm", a track that acts as a speed-dating between a square new wave and aerial pads as Metronomy’s. And speaking of influences, we can't help but draw some comparisons with the world built by Thom Yorke. The psychedelic electronica of "Walking Pachyderms" and "Catch 22" are perfect examples. Mewling voices marry an unexpected groove, lulling the listener into a semi-awake world. The band's masterstroke on this album is their ability to create a complex osmosis yet composed of only a handful of elements. An album impregnated with a floating melancholy, accentuated by the stellar harmonies that compose it and that make its soul.