RELEASES / J.NUNN - Shadow of Nunn [BAC020]

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Shadow of Nunn
Release date : 2023-10-06

Produced between 2022 and 2023, "Shadow of Nunn" unveils the rich universe of J.NUNN and offers a luminously ecstatic gateway to discover the foundations of the project.

Sometimes sang in French ("Doux Mirage"), sometimes in English ("Paradox"; "Hidden Guide"), or even purely instrumental ("Shadow of Nunn"), the tracks composing the EP highlight the diversity and originality proposed by the artist throughout the work. The combination of electronic instruments, assumed textures and mystical ambiences borrowed from the trip-hop of the 90s' results in a subtle cocktail ready to be savoured without counting the cost, whether listening or live.

"Shadow of Nunn" is an EP full of perspectives, which marries ice and fire in a seductive osmosis. The dehumanised sounds mix with Justine Tornay's comforting and warm voice. Added to this is a certain epic breath, perceptible in all the compositions.

With this EP, J.NUNN lays the foundations of a nuanced musical identity, which will unashamedly propose assets specific to electronic music. Co-produced by Sacha Dumais, the EP will be released on October 6th on Blizzard Audio Club, in digital and limited edition of vinyls.