RELEASES / Etienne Machine - Over & Out [BAC010]

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Over & Out
Etienne Machine
Release date : 2022-04-22

"Over & Out” will be released on April 22nd, 2022, and will allow Etienne Machine to close the loop, after “Off & Off” and “On & On (Off & Off Remixes)”, their two releases of 2021 on Blizzard Audio Club. If the present EP will also be published on BAC, it’s also the occasion for them to formalize their three-way marriage between them, Blizzard Audio Club and Hummus Records, which will influence what’s next to happen for the group.

The EP four tracks have been written and produced by Arno Cuendet and Thibault Besuchet. They have been recorded with the participation of the musicians with whom Etienne Machine started: Justine Tornay on vocals, Maic Anthoine on the bass and Julien Palluel on the synthesizers. The first track “1088” is a hypnotic and solid track, with Justine Tornay on vocals. An incantatory song where the guitar riffs are confronted to cleverly brought electronic pads. “Descend”, EP second track, introduces a brand novelty for Etienne Machine: it’s Arno Cuendet that finds himself on micro. The chorus synthesizers intone an anthem that can’t help but stick in your head. The power-track of this release, definitely. It is now usual with Etienne Machine that a remix is part of the package. They indeed decided to include Pavel’s of their track “RIFT (Erased Your Face)”, released on the album “Off & Off”. “Over & Out” ‘s electronica touch, tainted with breakbeat rhythms and a synthesizers’ orgy. Another novelty for Etienne Machine with “Anthracite” and for the first time a text in Molière’s language! A pop-rock ballad sang by Justine Tornay, which brilliantly closes this 4-title.