RELEASES / Etienne Machine - On & On (Off & Off Remixes) [BAC009]

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On & On (Off & Off Remixes)
Etienne Machine
Release date : 2021-09-10

Etienne Machine's acclaimed mini-album "Off & Off" has been released on March 26th, 2021. At first, the band wanted to have some remixes on board of the release as well. After receiving the remixes, they thought they were too good not to have a release of their own... and "On & On (Off & Off Remixes) was born.

4 remixers and 6 remixes : French folktronica band Melatonin, Blizzard Audio Club's very own Pavel, Aim Eyes and Etienne Machine self-remix.

From glitchy IDM-core to electronica through lofi beats and ambient vox.