RELEASES / Etienne Machine - Off & Off [BAC007]

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Off & Off
Etienne Machine
Release date : 2021-03-26

Result of more than a year of work, « Off & Off » is a 6-tracks LP composed and recorded during Summer 2020. Wishing to turn the EP’s page to focus on larger scale projects, the LP is the mirror of the band’s recent years and marks Etienne Machine’s first physical release (vinyls + CDs).

Homonymous opposition, « Off & Off » takes place through the voices of Emile Schaffner and Justine Tornay, proclaiming emergency and tension on titles like « Selfspace » and « RIFT (Erased Your Face) » or elegance and relief on « Alarms » and « Membrane ». Six tracks where analogic synthesizers dance with guitars, where drum machine matches rhythms, giving birth to a hybrid and united piece of music.