RELEASES / J.NUNN - Hidden Guide [BAC019]

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Hidden Guide
Release date : 2023-04-12

"Hidden Guide" is the very first single from the promising J.NUNN project. A track full of perspectives that marries ice and fire in a seductive osmosis. The cold sounds borrowed from trip-hop are mixed with Justine Tornay's comforting and warm voice.

The clever cocktail of broken rhythms, supported by a mixture of synthesisers and several layers of pads gives the necessary relief to the track to lift the listener and make him leave the ground during the 3min42 of the track. Added to this is a certain epic breath of fresh air, which can be heard to good effect in the construction of the final chorus.

With this single, J.NUNN lays the foundations of a nuanced musical universe, which will unashamedly propose assets specific to electronic music.