RELEASES / E&A Rüeger - Esquisses [BAC002]

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E&A Rüeger
Release date : 2020-02-17

Result of a 8-day residency lost in the mountains, E&A Rüeger's debut album returns to the spacious grounds of their music, already approached by their two previous EPs. Inspired by a comforting environment and source of deep emotions, the twins composed their music with field recordings caught between a cup of tea and a glass of red wine.

Introspection, infusion of styles and nostalgia draw the contours of the album “Esquisses”. A 9-track piece of music made spontaneously and with that well-known swiss simplicity and humility. Somewhere between impulsive electronica, dark ambient and melancholic IDM, this very first album offers new perspectives towards the many faces that are composing the brother’s musical universe.