RELEASES / Pavel - Busy Being Broken Remixes [BAC005]

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Busy Being Broken Remixes
Release date : 2020-12-11

Pavel is the kind of artist who always loved remixing the songs he likes but also being remixed by the ones he admires. What follows his debut album was then naturally the next step of his creative process: getting “Busy Being Broken” remixed by producers he carefully picked up, going from close friends, local heroes to international dons. After months of discussions and creation, the collaborative effort is ready and soberly named: “Busy Being Broken (The Remixes)”.

Each track of the original album has been remixed (except “The Club”). From downtempo (HYPER OPAL) to electronica (E&A Rüeger, Inwards, Yndusik, Organ Mug), from brainwave electro (Ana Ebsen) to breaks (Hermeth, David Harleydson, Antonello Teora), from tech house (JR) to experimental (FlexFab), from industrial techno (Isolated Lines) to low-tempo jungle (Realitycheck), this remixes album reflects what Pavel thinks about music: emotions, creativity boldness… and emotions.