RELEASES / HYPER OPAL - A Light Speed [BAC004]

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A Light Speed
Release date : 2020-09-25

Composed by the end of 2019, « A Light Speed » is the first album from HYPER OPAL and proves the extend of the formation’s talent.

On « Olymp », « Voyage au Bout de la Nuit », « Helium », « Magnum White » or the eponym « A Light Speed », the murmured, almost whispered voices from Marie Hoffmann come to round the angles of the sharp and precise beats from her partner, creating an electronica symbiosis covered with hybrid mysteries. If these five titles are made around the vocal element, the two other ambient pieces that are «Drony Pony» and «Interlude» witness the sign of a real interest from the group for the ambivalence.

United in their private life as well as in their formation, HYPER OPAL propose through the prism of « A Light Speed » their lecture of a degenerating society, hit hard by the consequences of what it could have predict.