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Senar is a hip hop artist from Lausanne who publicly launched himself with the song "Départ" a few years ago. He then started a band adventure with Men in Moon and participated in the "Grand Prix" project, which allows him to play on multiple stages. From Zelig (Unilive Tremplin), to L’Usine PTR (Balélec Tremplin), from the Salle Paderewski (with Comme1flocon, Jarpacino, Arma Jackson and PLUS41) to the Port-Franc (with Nelick and 7 Jaws), Arsène Passamani (aka Senar) got the benefits of the experience.

In December 2018, he released his first solo project "Petit Prince", a sincere album that traces the difficulties a young person facing the entrance to adult and professional life. Inspired by his social bubble and his environment, Senar depicts in his lyrics what he sees, what he feels, and this is what builds the eight tracks of the project so authentic. Senar's strength lies in his ability to transcribe his emotions into technical and image-based texts.